Annie went above and beyond all my expectations for my wedding.  I remember asking for two photographers, just thinking that one could take candid pictures of me getting ready before the wedding and some fun pictures after.  I couldn't have been more surprised and amazed after seeing Annie's work. She captured moments that I didn't even realized happened.   In fact, my favorite picture is one where my husband and I are not posing we are actually laughing at our wedding party being crazy, and my husband has that smile that I fell in love with, which he never can do knowing that a camara is on him! There are so many pictures I will treasure forever but the ones with my grandmother putting my earrings on are extra special. I was actually just going to put them on myself, but because Annie asked me about them and I explained that they were the earrings she wore at her wedding 50 years ago.  Annie asked if she (my Grandmother) could put them on me.  My Grandmother passed away 3 months later and if it wasn't for Annie, I would never have those pictures.  Annie is magical, she captures life in the best light;  your very special moments you might not have even known were happening.  She is the best to say the least, and no one will ever take pictures of my family but her.  Thank you Annie for sharing your gift with us and giving us the most beautiful memories on photo paper!!  ~Jennifer

Once upon a time, I found Annie for my sister's wedding and then... just 7 weeks after her wedding, I used her for mine!  I definitely would recommend her to anyone.  All of her pictures are fabulous, and she made the day so so so so so so special!  She really has a God given talent to catch all the important things in life (even the small ones that we tend to forget).  ~Ashlee

Annie took photos at my wedding 6 years ago and just recently took photos of my three girls.  Even with one of my daughters wanted nothing to do with it I still numerous shots to choose from.
Annie is very creative and is out of the box thinking when it comes to her art.  She captures the most intimate moments even when ones you don't necessarily remember.
I recommend Annie to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive, yet very high level of professional quality.  When you think about how important it is to capture these moments of your most special day,  I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with Annie. ~Cana

Annie was the perfect photographer for our wedding. She made the entire experience a pleasure and was willing to work with our special requests. In addition, she had some great ideas of her own that we never woud have thought of. She was pleasant and energetic, and the finished product was amazing! I have recommended her to many will continue to do so! ~Scott and Alicia

She is amazing... and has a wonderful ability! I love all of my wedding pictures, they are exactly how i wanted them to be! She is very artistic and creative with the way that she takes her pictures. She was joyful and excited about the wedding and very easy to get along with :) I loved having her at my wedding and highly recommend her!!!  ~Paige