Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Photo Tip | Clothing Colors

When I was a teenager, my school participated in our Regional Student Convention up at Word of Life in Schroon Lake, NY. 
For each performance event there was a pretty strict dress code, and groups of more than one person had to look cohesive in their dress (IE: wear the same exact outfit).  Trying to find identical outfits that were modest enough for the guidelines AND fit all types of body shapes was IMPOSSIBLE.   Totally IMPOSSIBLE.  

Here's an example.  My apologies for the terrible ipad photo.  It's really not much better in real life.  As you can see, some schools opted to wear choir robes instead.  

  People ask me all the time, "What should we wear?"  This is especially a difficult question when it involves more than one person!

Unlike my high school experience, you do not need to abide by any guidelines for your photography session.  Be creative!  Dress in clothes that you regularly wear.  There's almost nothing worse than being made to wear clothes that you don't like and aren't comfortable in, and THEN have to act happy that you are wearing those clothes for a photographer.    

As far as what colors to wear, pick 2-3 colors and then have everyone wear a combination of those colors.  This makes the photo more interesting than just having everyone wearing jeans and black shirts (or white shirts).  
For example, here are my family's outfits from August:
 You can see more of our family photos HERE.

 So, instead of going out and buying matching clothing for your whole family,  perhaps you can preserve a bit of your sanity by picking some clothes that you already have in the closet! 

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lily | 7 Days

 Meet Sweet little Lily.  Her parents are our good friends and it's great to see how blessed they are with such a precious girl!

 Lots of family photos.....I couldn't decide on any favorites.

 And now some cute details....

Monday, March 4, 2013

Daddy, his two princesses and a surpise for Mommy

This Daddy and his two little princesses wanted some photographs taken as a surprise for Mommy.  For those of you with small children, you know it's virtually impossible to keep them from telling a surprise!  Mommy was told by her little 4 year old "Annie took our pictures today!", and she was definitely surprised, just not the way we planned. 

Who can't love these ADORABLE faces?