Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beth and Zach

Beth and Zach's wedding day was the most beautiful July day EVER! Not only are they a super-cute couple, they are also two of our best friends! Beth was so detailed in all her decorations, and everything was so beautiful as their lovely country wedding. I admit, I want to steal her cowboy boots...
The reception was at the ever cool and incredible Lake Mae, and the food was DELISH!

This day was also a first for Justin and I: he married the couple and I shot them. :)

The girls readied themselves at the new couple's "love nest", a beautiful cabin in the woods by a creek.

Seriously, can you get any better than this for a bouquet????

Handmade clutches for the bridesmaids to carry! What a cool idea!

The gorgeous Beth!

Gotta love the barbed wire!

Aren't they rockin'?????

The handsome Zach...

This photo is truly a miracle. Beth's dad had been really sick and they weren't sure if he was going to be well enough to walk her down the aisle. Mission accomplished!

Exiting to "Boondocks"! LOVED IT!

The beautiful ladies

Rockin' guys

Remember that I said Beth was awesome with the details? Here is proof!

Every centerpiece had lovebirds of different kinds...

Haybales? AWESOME.

The headtable sported all colors of old chairs.

How adorable is this?

The silverware had been wrapped for a looooonnnnng time-since Christmas!



First Dance

Pretty as a picture!

My view as I left...

Their new family with Dudley:

Congratulations Beth and Zach! We love you both and pray for MANY happy years together for you!

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