Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Kiss

I admit it: I've was super-inspired today. I always am stalking the blog of Jasmine Star, who is one of the BEST photographers EVER. Her photos make me wish 2 things: that I lived in California (which will probably NEVER happen) and that she could shoot my family photos (also not too likely).
After reading her post about her first kiss, I decided to enlighten my few readers about our first smootch as well!

Justin and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary. That day was spent shooting a beautiful wedding at the same church, same reception site, with the same pastor, same wedding colors, and about 80% of the same guests as we had. (Congratulations Bree and Seth!)

But, back to the first kiss story....
Neither Justin or I had ever had a significant other, and we decided to wait until our wedding to experience our first kiss. After a year and a half of being engaged long distance, the day FINALLY came!!!
Needless to say, this was THE highlight of our whole day! We didn't care that neither of us knew how to kiss. We didn't care that everyone was watching. All that mattered was the fact that our marriage had finally begun and that one kiss sealed the deal and kicked off our fabulous lifetime together! If only I could share some of the video with you...I can still hear my DAD whooping in the background...or was it a "YEEEHAWWWW!!!!"?

Justie, I love you forever. Thanks for being so sweet and patient with me. Happy Anniversary!

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