Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daisy: 9 weeks!

My beautiful baby is 9 weeks old! She's such a joy!
Sunday we ventured out to pick our Christmas tree, and found the PERFECT Scotch Pine!


KG Russell said...

It is amazing how much she has changed over these 9 months! Love that the little slipper ornament can be seen in the photos. I love the one in the stripped outfit that you are looking downa t her form the side!

Julie said...

Thanks Annie!
What a beee-aaa-uuutiful baby girl you have!
Congrats to you! This time is so very precious as I am sure you are well aware of.
THis past week i found myself falling asleep and thinking of some of my favorite moments my life has given me and one of them was the 2am times with my newborns. The silent of the night, the pink soft warm glow in the room, the tinyness of them. And just being wrappend so snuggly in God's love. It's AAAH-MAZING! I miss it already!
I'm up periodically with my almost 2 year old at night so I'm sure I'll be thinking of you wondering if you're up in the silent of the night gazing into your precious little peanuts eyes!
') God bless!