Friday, May 8, 2009

The Hibbs Family!

This was a fun shoot! My brother Craig married into the Hibbs family, and they are all so nice!
We had a great time trying to get some good pics of the whole family!

Here's my niece Ansley

Nephew Carson

How can you resist those curls and baby blues?


With the grandkids...

The whole family!

My favorite!

Nate's family

Becca's family (this is my brother)

Mom, Dad and kids

Skylar had just lost her tooth!

THANKS to all the Hibbs for such a fun time!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Crain Kids!

Justin and I ventured out together on this shoot in Tennessee, and I always LOVE when he is with me! He's GREAT entertainment!
This family has some land with cows where mom wanted to get some photos of her kids, Jared and Sydney...

Here's a photo just to prove that we were in the pasture with the cows! :)

I just love the barbwire...

Ain't she cute?

My fav of them together!

Here's where we were talking about getting ticks....fortunately, none for me!

This is Jared and Sydney showing off their soccer stances...which I LOVE! As you can see, Jared is a goalie...