Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chad and Becky's Wedding

My brother, Chad, married his sweetheart Becky on a beautiful September day in Cooperstown, and I had the privilege of shooting the event...
Here's my nephew Colin not wanting to walk down the aisle during rehearsal!

My niece Delaney

My Grandma Speck!

Father of the bride

Niece Brianna

Ansley and Delaney

My dad with cool earwarmers!

The groom with his Mom and Grandma.

My honey and I

This is their doggie, Jasmine

Becky with her Grandma

The dress

Little details

Becky and her parents

My brother, Chad

The grand exit!

One of my favorites!

Another favorite!

After the bouquet and garter toss, they also did a teddy bear toss for the kids. It was so cute!

My Dad and Brianna doing the Chicken Dance!

Carson wearing Delaney's shoes....

My brother Brian and Delaney

Congratulations Chad and Becky! I hope you have a 100 years together!

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