Monday, October 3, 2011

Kim and Christian

Kim and Christian's wedding was a day to look forward to, and they had 3 hours set aside for photographs, which ALWAYS makes the photographer happy!  
Unfortunately, that day was VERY rainy from their ceremony until reception, so we had to get creative with our locations!  

Hair styling was done by The Hair Co. in Binghamton, and they always do a great job!


See these shoes??  Awesome, right?  That's because Kim glued EVERY SINGLE RHINESTONE on herself.  Yeah.  She's very patient.

Even though it was raining, this fun couple and their bridal party rocked it out!!

Sometimes rain can make you find a new location! 

How cool is this spot????

Kim and Christian's reception at the Terra Cotta was fabulous!  They do such an awesome job!

New art for their home, where guests fingerprinted and signed to make the leaves of their tree.  So cool.


Kim sent me this sweet note after the wedding: "Thank you Annie! You were the by far the best decision that I made for that day besides marrying Christian."  

Thanks so much Kim and Christian for choosing me to share in your special day! 

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