Saturday, August 28, 2010


Our camping getaway was amazing, and it only rained a little! Another plus was no cell service! YAY!
While up in the Adirondacks, we mountain-biked, water-parked, campfire-cooked, train-rode, mini-golfed, and ice-cream demolished. While Justie loves the danger and adventure of mountain biking, I'm not so much a fan. We did have fun biking of Bug Lake, and wondering whose canoe was stashed along the trail with only half a paddle.

We also did the Enchanted Forest Water Safari thing, and the day was just cold enough to keep away enough people to help us not wait in line.
Paul Bunyan is cool....and so are we!

We also took a ride on the Adirondack Railroad and were robbed by bad guys on horses. That was quite fun, even though they didn't want credit cards or cash. HMM

THANKS Justie for such a fun vacation! I wanna do that with you for the rest of our lives, even when we are old, feeble, and pill-popping crazies! I LOVE YOU!

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Justin said...

Fantastic vacation with you - my fantastic HOT wife! Thanks for marrying me!!!